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10-April-2020Modern Office Managment and Sectarial PracticeDownload 1

Download 2
09-April-2020Department of Library and Information ScienceDownload 1

Download 2

Download 3

Download 4
08-April-2020Library science 2nd semester RSS निर्देशिकाएं क्या होती किसी एक का मूल्यांकन कीजिएDownload 1
07-April-2020Final year all branch EEd&DM
06-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
05-April-2020Electronics, Subject Microprocessor and ApplicationDownload 8086 block diagram

Download 8086 pin diagram
05-April-2020Modern Office Managment and Secretarial DepartmentDownload 1

Download 2
04-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
03-April-2020Library and Information science B D Sharma
02-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
01-April-2020Modern Office Managment DepttDownload 1

Download 2
31-March-2020Final Year Electronics Subject: Microprocessor and ApplicationDownload 1

Download 2
30-March-2020RSS for library science First year. Q, Almanacs ya पंचांग क्या होते है किसी एक का मूल्यांकन करते हुए बताइए।
28-March-2020Library Science First Year
27-March-2020Modern Office Managment and Secterial PracticeDownload 1
Download 2
24-March-2020Microprocessor and its Applications
Final Year Electronics
Prepared by : Alok Verma, Mob : 9411965990
23-March-2020Library and Information Science
Subject - Information Processing and Retrieval Practice, Semester II
Prepared by : Dharam Veer Singh
Download 1

Download 2
21-March-2020Library and Information Science
Subject - Information Processing and Retrieval Practice, Semester II
20-March-2020Library and Information ScienceDownload Study Material 1
Download Study Material 2

The institute is running four (4) diploma courses with an intake of 60 candidates in each course-

S NoCourse NameDurationEligibility
1Diploma in Electronics Engineering3 YearsHigh School
2Diploma in Electronics (Modern Consumer Electronic Appliances) Engineering.3 YearsHigh School
3Diploma in Modern office Management and secretarial Practice2 YearsIntermediate
4Diploma in Library and information science2 YearsIntermediate