1. Library

Institute is having a good library with a total of 3328 volumes. In addition to this there are 453 books in Book bank and some more books are procured for SC/ST candidates by the grant received from social welfare department. Other regular magazines, periodicals and newspapers are also available to students.

2. Computer Center

The institute is having a computer center with more than 40 computers and accessories along with all required softwares. Internet and Wi-Fi facility is available to students inside the campus.

3. Major Labs:

In addition to computer center the institute has following fully equipped labs-

  • Elementry Workshop consisting of carpentry, fitting, sheet metal, forging and paint shops
  • Physics lab
  • ECD/EDC/ Electronics Workshop Lab
  • TV/ Audio Video Engineering/ Communication Lab
  • Digital/ NFTL/ Industrial Electronics Lab
  • Project/Microprocessor Lab
  • Office automation Lab
  • Typing Lab etc

4. Sports:

The games are an intrinsic part of physical and mental development as it builds self confidence and can be an excellent group activity that fosters togetherness and a spirit of healthy competition. The college provides ample opportunity for the students to take part in sports activities.

5. Co-Curricular Activities:

Students are motivated to take part in various co curricular and cultural activities organized in national festivals and other events which releases their pressure of study and keep them united and always energized.