Being a technical institute, it has adopted a teaching methodology where learning becomes a fun for students. Apart from normal classroom teaching , the students are taught through educational cassettes, CDs and DVDs, downloaded E-lectures , videos, animations and other modern teaching aids including slide and multimedia projectors etc.

The whole syllabus is entirely practically oriented. All the labs are fully equipped with modern instruments, boards and training kits. The students are given ample practical knowledge. Many virtual simulation softwares such as Multisim, Electronics workbench, 8085 simulator etc are used for performing some practicals. The lab work done by students is recorded through lab cross charts and job charts.

Students are regularly sent for industrial visits to nearby industries. It is also a part of the curriculum to complete four weeks industrial training after their second year exams. This gives them enough exposure to the industrial environment and they can learn how to adopt themselves for their future responsibilities.

Regular tests are taken by faculty members for the evaluation of the potential of the students. A proper record of tests is kept and students are awarded sessional marks on the basis of their marks, attendance record and their class performance.

Model Exhibition is arranged every year in the institute so that students can show their innovative ideas and feel the importance of team work.
Parents are always invited to get the feedback of students progress anytime. If any student’s attendance or performance is not satisfactory, her parents are immediately informed about it.

Every student is given a due attention. Classes for weak students are also arranged if required.
Students are involved in sports and a variety of activities such as quizzes, debates and cultural events for their all round development. Many seminars , lectures and workshops are organized time to time for the benefit of students.

Some old students who are always ready to help the institute and students are made the Brand ambassador of the institute.