• In this global era, the question that arises is whether the world needs so many engineers. The answer is a big “yes”. The world needs plenty of talent with the right attitude. There are enough job opportunities for those who have the potential. In addition, opportunities for self employment and entrepreneurship are also plenty for innovative and energetic minds.
  • Significant changes in engineering education is required for an institute to meet the needs of their students and prepare them for the challenges of the century. It has been observed that in the present decade, industry and employers are more seeking diploma candidates rather than going for technical degree graduates and for girl candidates with technical background the employment opportunities are drastically high.

At Sri Anar Devi Khandelwal Mahila Polytechnic, which is the only girls Polytechnic of the whole Brij Area we are committed to these goals. So decide, choose, create and become ready for the next step.