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1. Er V. B. Singh 9456461997 [email protected]
2. Dr B.D. Sharma 9457077098 [email protected]
3. Er M.K.Singh 9837889900 [email protected]
4. Er A.K.Verma 9411965990 [email protected]
5. Manoj Sharma 9411854848 [email protected]
6. Smt Praveen Singh 9411965780 [email protected]
7. Rajesh Kumar 9415153013 [email protected]
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10-April-2020Modern Office Managment and Sectarial PracticeDownload 1

Download 2
09-April-2020Department of Library and Information ScienceDownload 1

Download 2

Download 3

Download 4
08-April-2020Library science 2nd semester RSS निर्देशिकाएं क्या होती किसी एक का मूल्यांकन कीजिएDownload 1
07-April-2020Final year all branch EEd&DM
06-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
05-April-2020Electronics, Subject Microprocessor and ApplicationDownload 8086 block diagram

Download 8086 pin diagram
05-April-2020Modern Office Managment and Secretarial DepartmentDownload 1

Download 2
04-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
03-April-2020Library and Information science B D Sharma
02-April-2020Deptt of Library and Information Science
01-April-2020Modern Office Managment DepttDownload 1

Download 2
31-March-2020Final Year Electronics Subject: Microprocessor and ApplicationDownload 1

Download 2
30-March-2020RSS for library science First year. Q, Almanacs ya पंचांग क्या होते है किसी एक का मूल्यांकन करते हुए बताइए।
28-March-2020Library Science First Year
27-March-2020Modern Office Managment and Secterial PracticeDownload 1
Download 2
24-March-2020Microprocessor and its Applications
Final Year Electronics
Prepared by : Alok Verma, Mob : 9411965990
23-March-2020Library and Information Science
Subject - Information Processing and Retrieval Practice, Semester II
Prepared by : Dharam Veer Singh
Download 1

Download 2
21-March-2020Library and Information Science
Subject - Information Processing and Retrieval Practice, Semester II
20-March-2020Library and Information ScienceDownload Study Material 1
Download Study Material 2